Our goal is to synergize the connection between the arts, technology and education.  We do this by being advocates for creative thinkers and providing a collaborative workspace where they can share ideas and expand the boundaries of their artistic vision.


Promoting the Arts

Our newly renovated facility features 60,000 square feet of studio space where we provide the support and tools that working artists need to create financial stability from their craft.  This allows them the freedom to push the boundaries of their artistic vision and also mentor and inspire their students.

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Developing Technology

Our artists are currently working on innovative collaborations in mediums such as hard & soft glass, sculpture, bronze casting, woodworking and 3D laser technology.  We look forward to growing our creative team by adding new artists in a variety of disciplines to our collaborative space.


Sharing Knowledge

 We encourage students of all ages to develop their full creative potential through the exploration of arts and technology.  Artech strives to create a supportive environment in which students of all ages, abilities and experience level can feel free to imagine, create and welcome more art into their lives. 

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