President & CEO Ryan Adams

President & CEO Ryan Adams

Artech is a 501(3) arts nonprofit that is passionate about creativity and innovation.  Founded in 2015 by Ryan Adams, Artech started with a core group of inspired artists who together have a lifetime of experience.  Working collaboratively, they promote diversity of thinking, perspective and knowledge.  This allows them to leverage their efforts, resulting in unique hybrid art processes and outcomes.

The projects that our resident artists are working on support them by encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit and in-turn providing avenues for turning their art into financial stability.  Our collaborative workspace  encourages new ways of thinking about the creative process. We want to continue to invite new artists to join us as we expand our vision for Artech.



At the heart of Artech's mission is our goal of providing our community a supportive environment where they can explore and expand the possibilities of their imagination.  This goes beyond simply teaching them how to create art.  We believe in the transformative power of creativity.  We have seen first-hand how exposure to creativity in an encouraging and safe learning environment has helped people find their voice and passion.

As people are exposed to art and the creative process, it becomes an integral part of their lives.  These experiences will be the catalyst to a lifetime appreciation of and a respect for their own creativity and the creativity of others.